Sunday, February 6, 2011

3D Model of VCX-350 Star Wars Light Freighter (FREE DOWNLOAD)

3D Model of VCX-350 Star Wars Light Freighter

Well-detailed mesh, provided with some basic textures.
Cockpit, landing gear, and boarding ramp fully detailed.
146,582 triangles, 65 objects

Usage Tips/Limitations:
* The units in the file are in meters - this differs from other models I've created (one unit in those is 1.2 feet - strange, I know) so when combining those be careful of the relative sizes.
* The file does not come with any lighting or engine glows. Those will need to be re-created once the file has been imported.
* The landing gear and boarding ramp have the 'insides' modeled, but the object heirarchy, pivot points, and animations for those are not included in the OBJ file.
* I didn't do much in the way of texturing for the cockpit, but the modeling here is fairly detailed. A good texture artist could really make this look good.
* I am willing to provide a 3DS MAX version to anyone who wants the engine glows, object heirarchy, and animations.